Our events

What we do

We play music for English ceilidh dancing (or 'barn dancing') on flute & whistle, melodeon and guitar. Our music includes traditional and contemporary tunes from England, Wales, Ireland and beyond - anything as long as it's fun to dance to!

We specialise in playing for events such as weddings and civil partnerships, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversary parties and club/society socials. The three of us have been playing for ceilidhs together since 2001, so we've got plenty of experience under our belts!

We always provide a caller for our ceilidhs. We work with a number of trusted, experienced callers who guide the audiences through each dance in a friendly, relaxed manner and make sure everyone can join in and enjoy themselves, even if they've never been to a ceilidh before. We are equally happy to provide ceilidhs both for audiences who are completely new to ceilidh dancing and for those who are more experienced dancers.

We also provide our own high-quality PA system and skilled sound engineering. We make sure the volume level is comfortable for the dancers and allows people who are not dancing to sit and chat without having to shout.

Recent and upcoming bookings

31st March 2012 - wedding in Derbyshire
7th April 2012 - wedding in Rotherham
12th May 2012 - social event near Doncaster
2nd June 2012 - wedding in Derbyshire
16th June 2012 - wedding near Birmingham
30th June 2012 - wedding in Derbyshire
14th July 2012 - wedding in Derbyshire
8th September 2012- party near Stockport
20th October 2012 - anniversary party in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire
1st December 2012 - birthday party in Sheffield
15th December 2012 - wedding in Derby
25th May 2013 - civil partnership near Doncaster
1st June 2013 - 60th birthday party in Sheffield
4th July 2013 - wedding in Derbyshire
20th July 2013 - wedding in Sheffield
6th September 2013 - wedding in Barnsley
19th October 2013 - town twinning event in Derbyshire
9th November 2013 - 18th birthday party in Derbyshire
20th December 2013 - wedding near Sheffield
11th January 2014 - social event near Stockport
14th March 2014 - St Patrick's Day business lunch event (background music), Sheffield
15th March 2014 - birthday party in Derbyshire
17th May 2014 - wedding in Hope Valley, Derbyshire
21st June 2014 - wedding in Sheffield
12th July 2014 - wedding in Sheffield
20th September 2014- birthday party in Penistone, South Yorkshire
27th September 2014 - wedding in Sheffield
30th November 2014 - birthday party in Chesterfield
27th December 2014 - evening entertainment for a residential activity week in Derbyshire
10th January 2015 - birthday party in South Yorkshire
29th May 2015 - birthday party in South Yorkshire
13th June 2015 - wedding in Derbyshire
20th June 2015 - wedding in Sheffield
18th July 2015 - wedding in Sheffield
5th September 2015 - birthday party in Sheffield
16th October 2015 - ceilidh for University of Warwick FolkSoc
17th October 2015 - birthday party in Manchester
19th December 2015 - 30th birthday party in Sheffield
2nd January 2016 - party in Sheffield
23rd January 2016- 30th birthday party in Sheffield
22nd April 2016 - public event at Derby Ceilidhs
21st May 2016 - wedding in Derbyshire
11th June 2016 - party in Derbyshire
18th June 2016 - birthday party near Stockport
25th June 2016 - wedding in West Yorkshire
9th July 2016 - music school social event in Sheffield
16th July 2016 - 18th birthday party in Sheffield
8th October 2016 - wedding in Sheffield
5th November 2016 - wedding in Chesterfield
3rd December 2016 - 50th birthday party in Sheffield